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It’s sad but true. The news media has become biased. It’s no longer about integrity and objectively giving the news. It’s about the bottom line, money, and agenda. I remember when Fix news was the only service that biased. Everyone new they had a right wing republican connection and too be honest they didn’t hide it much. Liberals and open minded people would go crazy from the blatant stories trying to sway the country to conservative views.

What is happening now makes those days of FOX news exploits look like cookie crumbles. In fact Fox is probably one of the least corrupt news sources in the US which so hard to say. CNN what was once a trusted source is not bought and paid for by rich power hungry elitist that only care about how to get more power. How they bent over so easily I’ll never know. The amount of BS out of CNN is something no one could of even imagined in a million years half a decade ago.

Huntington Post is like the Fox of femininity. It’s a bunch hypercritically one sided angry women acting like they are fair and caring. It’s obvious they are bias and paid for.

The Washington Post has had a long tradition for hitting hard stories and getting the grit out in the open. Those days are long gone, now we just have a newspaper trying to grab as much money as they can before before going under and they have no qualms with posting fake and biased stories to get it.

The Guardian and Wall Street Journal are on the same route as the Washington Post. Both are taking deep bribes to post articles that are one sided for rich people to sway public opinion.

The part of all this news corruption that might constitute a silver or at least grayish lining is that Fox has become more unbiased and as Disney starts to take over the entire country being too big to be pushed around. ABC and their constituents will still provide some real news.

BBC will as well if you don’t mind a pompous undertone and annoying tea sipping sounds when listening. I would venture to say they do have some secret animosity that even though buried deep inevitably will come out time to time.


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